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5 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas to Win Your Soul Mate’s Heart!


We all have friends, family and dear ones. And they in turn have birthdays. Its natural to look for gift items for birthday when someone dear has a birthday approaching. We want to make that special person feel super special on his or her birthday and need to choose a gift items for birthday that will help us achieve just that. This selection becomes even more critical when it’s the birthday of your soul mate approaching!

Here are 5 unique gifts especially for your soul mate’s birthday :

Customized Gifts make for one of the best birthday gifts for your soul mate. Customized Gifts allow you to have any picture or collection of many pictures printed or engraved. You can also add a poem or text as you want. They basically afford you complete freedom to express yourself.


Engraved wooden gifts : When it is worth saying, it must be worth engraving. If you believe in this then engraved wooden gifts are your perfect fit. These are 100% real wood gifts that are laser engraved with your pictures and text. The engraving is permanent and will stay forever. A number of products like Plaques, wooden pens, wooden desktops , wooden photo frames come under this product genre.

Photo Stone Plaque

Photo Stone Plaque : When it is worth writing, it must be worth writing on a stone. We all know that anything written on a stone is permanent. Why not give the same feel to your birthday gift. Photo Stone Plaque come in various sizes and are custom printed as per the picture and text provided by you. Photo Stone Plaque are easy on the pocket and a very special gift item for birthday within reasonable price.

Personalised Cushion Online

Personalised magic Cushion : When you are looking for something soft and cuddly. Personalised magic Cushion have reversible sequin. That means the sequin is of a solid color on one side and white on the other. Your picture , text is printed on this white side. So, if your loved one moves his/her hand through the sequin, the image reveals itself. Its easy to order Personalised magic Cushion Online as you can upload your picture and ask for the delivery to be done directly at your soul mate’s address.


Personalised Moon Lamp : Ever promised the stars to your loved one. Now it is possible to actually plant a Moon in your soul mate’s room and that too Personalised. Personalised Moon Lamp is a great gift item for birthday. Each Personalized Moon Lamp is custom printed using 3D Printing technology. You get 16 color LED light and can easily control with a remote that is provided. This is one of those products that needs to be experienced and cannot be fully described in any written space.

Personalized Photo Crystal Gifts India

3d Photo Crystal : If you are looking for something really special and why not its your soul mate’s birthday after all. 3d Photo Crystal is the best fit for this occasion. Amongst customized gifts and even amongst all gift items for birthday , 3d Photo Crystal will stand out. These are 100% transparent high quality crystals. Using a special Laser technology, the image and text provided by you is engraved inside the crystal. 3d Photo Crystal come in various sizes and prices vary accordingly. Each 3d Photo Crystal is supplied with a led light base. A sure head turner and heart winner.

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