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7 Personalized & Engraved Unique Gifts That Are in Trend Now

These days, people have become fond of personalized gifts. Birthday, anniversary, marriage in any special day personalized gifts are their first choice. People love to give a personalized gift to their near and dear ones on their special occasions. They are equally happy when they receive personalized gifts on their special days. Here are some unique and beautiful gifts ideas that are in trend now.

1.Personalized Laser Engraved Wooden Photo Frame

When it comes to buying a gift for your special person or a very close friend, a personalized laser engraved wooden photo frame is also a very good option. Engraved Wooden Gifts Online is a perfect gift for all occasions. Moreover, it lasts for many years.

2.Personalized Engraved Pens

If your friend is an author or they love to write a story, poem, etc. a personalized engraved pen is one of the best options for him or her. Personalized Engraved pens are a very unique gift option. He or she will not only revere your gift but also appreciate your choice.

3.Personalised 3D Moon Lamp in 16 Colours

The personalised 3D moon is an excellent and trendy gift option that you can buy. If you are looking for a trendy gift to present you close ones, then, there is hardly any other that can come into comparison with the 3D moon lamp.

4.Personalized Photo Book Album


When it comes to buying a gift that can hold on to some of your most precious memories, Personalized Photo Book Album is surely something that can do the job for you. It is a delightful personalized gift for anyone.

5.Smiles on Tiles (Jewel Box)

The smile on tiles is a wonderful gift option which is really in vogue right now. So when your loved person receives Personalized Sublimation printed ceramic tiles in a foldable jewel box, she will definitely feel happy and delighted.

6.Personalized Photo Puzzle in Heart Shape

 The heart is the symbol of love. When you want to make someone feel special give him or her photo personalized puzzle in heart shape. It is one of the trending personalized photo gifts right now.

7.Customised Printable Stone

If you gift Customised Printable Stone to your friends or relatives it will be the most unique gift for them. It is one of the Unique Personalized Gifts India. They will remember you always for such a unique and special gift.

Finally, if you are looking to have these personalized gifts, then there is one place where you can get it. You can get these personalized gifts from Presto. They have a huge collection. So go through their website and pick one of the top personalized gifts that are in trend now.

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