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Resolve to gift her these this Mothers Day #Thingsthatreallymattertoher

A debt that you can never fully pay is towards your mother. But yes you can feel lighter by doing certain things that are really important to her and would make her feel cared back. Mothers are those angels who nurtured us within their body for a few months and then outside for rest of their lives. For a mother, her children are always going to remain the same irrespective of how old they grow or how much they achieve in life. Here are some simple everyday things that you can resolve to do not for just one day but for rest of your life. Here are #Thingsthatreallymattertoher –

If you can’t take the call, definitely call her back :

Sure enough there will be occasions, especially if you are a working professional when it would not be proper to take the call : during team meetings, presentations or even a movie. We know mothers call for things like “did have your lunch”, “don’t forget to call such and such” or maybe just to enquirer “what doing”. The real objective is to say that she was thinking of you and wanted to be sure you are fine. Each such missed call needs to be called back and the tone has to be polite . No relationship should be taken for granted. If the call comes twice, assume it to be an emergency and excuse yourself and take the call.

If you’re gonna be late, inform :

You have an extended hour at office or meeting up friends after work . Never wait for her to call. Proactively call and inform her so. Its about communicating that you found it important to keep her informed. This will instill self pride and confidence in her. A healthy mind follows a healthy body. Small price to pay to see her healthy isn’t it .

Take out time for small talk, each day :

No matter how busy we are, the morning tea is a time when the entire family can spend some quality time with each other. For some , the 9 pm soap is a more appropriate time but with distractions. If you can do both its great, but if only one is possible chat in the morning. At that time the mind is fresh and the possibilities of the great day ahead is in front of you.

Always appreciate what she cooks :

For most mothers, her cooking is the most important chore and also her pride and like you she too needs appreciation. Once in a while ask her to prepare your special dishes. Once done hogging, do make her feel you really liked it. If if you don’t , develop a taste and don’t fake an appreciation.

 Special days are meant to be just that, special :

Never ever , forget to wish her on Mothers day , Anniversary and her Birthday. There are few joys for a person at that age whose small world revolves around you. Plan and make these days extra special with a hand written greeting card, a letter or a personalised gift.  There are numerous websites from where you can order these.

While there no exhaustive list, the above if imbibed in your life, would certainly be amongst #Thingsthatreallymattertoher


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