Trending Gifts for Boys

Top Trending Gifts For Boys of All Ages

Generally, we get caught in stereotypical thoughts while choosing gifts for girls and boys where we make a constant effort to differentiate the gifts based on the conventional gender specific rules set by us and our choices of likes and dislikes. Nonetheless, girls even like to play with cars and boys prefer the colour pink over blue.

Earlier I used to rack my brain while searching online gifts for boys of different ages because at one point of time I felt that there aren’t gifts left to be presented to my special ones. That’s when I discovered Prestogifts- the ultimate website for customized gifts.

The best part of personalised gifts is that undoubtedly, they will be loved by anyone irrespective of gender, age and occasions. Let me share my gifting choices that you must try out.

Moon Lamp

Did you hear about the trending moon lamp online? This is just the replica of the moon made using superior 3D printing to provide the closest texture of moon with different shades of light. Once the moon is personalised with photo, it can be one of the ideal customized gifts for your child or your dad!

Sipper Bottles-

The metal sipper bottle is a personalised gift that comes with photo and message. It can be easily carried by the school goers or by your boyfriend to the gym.


The jigsaw puzzle is a fun way to spend time with the family. Be it your husband or kid, both will love to solve the customized gift together.


The cubes of happiness are irresistible to any human regardless of age. A customized box of chocolates can bring out the innocence in anyone and one can never go wrong with the choice of gift.

Wooden Photo Plaque-

The stunning photo frame made of wood is engraved with the picture of your loved one and will definitely amaze the recipient. The picture gives a real like feel to the wooden piece.


When in doubt, just gift a wallet! It is suitable for anyone- be it a teenager or a man. The premium quality wallet is engraved with name of the giftee and designed with enough spaces to carry the hard earned money.

Gift Set-

The premium gift set of pen, key chain and card holder is sure to surprise the hardworking man of your life. Etch the name on the metal gift set to make it a bit more special.

Lastly, forget not to pamper and make the boys in your life feel special be it your brother, father, husband, boyfriend, lover or your own son because they all deserve the love and warmth of your hug.

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