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Raksha Bandhan – A Festival of Real Faith & True Love


There are few bonds as pure as the the bond of love that a brother and sister share. They are the first friends that God gifts them and both grow up together. The best memories of ones life are the moments lived with siblings especially when you were pre adult.

Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of this bond when the sister ties Rakhi on the wrist of the brother and the brother in turn promises her protection all life long . This is also a time for gifts. Brothers look forward to this occasion as they can expect some nice gifts from the sisters.

When it comes to choosing gifts for raksha bandhan , one has to think of something that the brother would certainly use. Like other occasions, gifts for raksha bandhan may be something that the brother already has and would keep it away. Hence why not gift something that your brother will certainly use or cant keep away for some other occasion.

Personalized gifts are one such genre of gifts that are curated just for your brother and of course he has to use them. Amongst Personalized gifts that are suitable as Gifts for raksha bandhan, here are our top picks :


Customised tshirts : Customised or personalized t shirts can be a great Raksha bandhan gift for your naughty brother. Customise it with some cute , naughty quote that he would love to wear as an attitude. If you are looking for idea, just look up the internet for t shirt quotes or funny t shirt quotes.


Personalized Photo Book : Just collect around 200 pictures of your brother and yourself. Now you can weave a story around them. Personalized photo book consists of 42 pages of custom designed photo book. Each page is arranged with approx 4 to 5 photos and some quote or message of your choice on each page. All you need to do is email the photos and quotes. The designers will design a personalized Photo Book with these and send you the design for approval. Once finalized, the product is sent for print and you receive your masterpiece in a matter of days.


Personalized Chocolates : Compliment your gifts with Personalized Chocolates. Branded as well as non branded chocolates are available that can be personalised with the photos of your choice. Personalized chocolates go very well as accessory with other gifts that you have planned.

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