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Introducing Hygiene Hand – The Touchless Door Opener Key Tool


Why Do Germs Transmit So Easily?

Germs and Viruses are submicroscopic agents that thrive within different organisms and on different surfaces. These viruses are not visible to the naked eye and this makes it easy for them to spread. There are two major ways in which a virus is transmitted from one person to another. When an infected person coughs or exhales, small droplets containing the virus are released. These droplets either directly enter the other person’s body through the nose and mouth or they settle on surfaces, which can cause the disease when touched.


Why Use An Antimicrobial Door Opener Keychain?

It is true that necessity is the mother of all invention and it is this belief that has led to the development of the C-Safety Key, a multi-functional touchless door opener key tool. While masks can prevent potential virus containing droplets from entering our nose and mouth, they do not reduce the risk of touching a contaminated surface and contracting the disease. This problem can be solved by the touchless door opener key tool that has several day to day life applications.



Features Of The Touchless Door Opener Key Tool

The touchless door opener key tool has many daily life applications and can be used to avoid contact with potential virus infected surfaces. The safety key helps to avoid contact with door handles, light switches, ATM & elevator buttons, credit card machines and can also be used to lift certain items or push heavy objects.


What Materials Can Help Minimize The Spread Of Germs And Bacteria?

While no material can completely safeguard us from germs & viruses around us, it is important to take adequate precautionary measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In such a case, masks become imperative to prevent virus from entering our nose and mouth whereas the C-safety key becomes imperative to prevent touching virus infected surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Our safety is in our hands and no matter how easy it might be for a virus to transmit from one person to another, adequate precautionary measures need to be taken. While wearing masks and using sanitizers is good, these should be complemented by other tools such as the C-Safety Key for better protection from viruses.

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