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Why Are Face Masks Important and How are Personalized Masks Better than Regular Masks?


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered life in ways that were never imagined before. As more people get infected and the risk of contracting the virus increases every day, it becomes imperative to take precautionary measures such as social distancing, maintaining proper hygiene and wearing face masks.

Custom face masks are one of the most effective, inexpensive and practical anti-covid products available in the market. Custom face masks have become an indispensable part of our bodies and it has become impossible to go outside without wearing one. They cover our nose and mouth, two major openings through which the virus can be contracted, and act as a physical barrier to the virus. There are a variety of custom face masks available in the market such as N95 respirators, disposable surgical masks and DIY cloth masks. While all these custom face masks have differential but still acceptable rates of filtration, one thing that’s common among them is that they hide a person’s identity because they cover one half of a person’s face. Moreover, the same variant of these custom face masks is worn by millions and this makes them monotonous.


This is where the advantage of Personalized Masks is clearly visible. Personalized masks are appealing and at the same time, offer good rates of filtration from pathogens. Personalization in masks can take many different forms. As far as identification issues are concerned, one can use his/her own picture to print the personalized mask and reclaim their face. Alternatively, one could choose to get some trendy/funny statement printed on the personalized mask and flaunt it with style. Personalized masks can also be used by corporate to print their logos. This will help their employees get a standardized look. The choice is ultimately on the consumer and it all depends upon his/her creativity. Personalized masks offer the perfect balance between acceptable filtration and attractiveness.

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