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A Guide to Creating Your Best Personalized Photo Books


A picture is worth a thousand words. Just image the worth of 100 to 200 of your best pictures compiled in a beautifully designed Personalized Photo Book. Ever imagined what happens to all the pictures you click on a holiday, on a child’s birthday or any other life event ? They remain in your digital devices and one day will get lost in your digital dustbin. A leading provider of Personalised Photo books famously says “Don’t let your digital memories end up in the digital dust bin”.

Amongst all the available gifts online, custom photo books are one of the fastest moving sku. Afterall, there is no other way to have your memories compiled logically and adorn your bookshelf. Photo book can be classified into these categories :

# Travel

# Weddings and Anniversaries

# Individual Portfolios

# Child Birthdays and other family occasions

Available in multiple sizes which allow you to include anything between 80 to 200 pictures. You can even add your text with each page to accentuate the images. Here are some tips to make great Personalized Photo Book :

Photo Book on Travel

Photo Book

# Travel : You should make a separate photobook for each vacation you take. Include maps of the places visited, pictures of the Boarding pass, a bit of trivia or facts . These small add ons really garnish your Travel story and you will look back with pride at what you created.

Photo Book on wedding


# Weddings and Anniversaries : The special day and its annual celebration should always be commemorated with a Custom Photobook . Have each page contain nice quotes on love, institution of marriage and special somethings for each other.

Individual Portfolios


# Individual Portfolios : We should all love ourselves and say it loud with a Personal Portfolio . Include your best pictures which can look like a life journey. You may add parents, siblings, friends and other people of importance in the book. If you are in an individualistic mood, go solo with your pictures only. Each page deserves text that you feel like. Its your canvas, get it designed the way you want.

Child Birthdays


# Child Birthdays and other family occasions : We all know how quickly children grow. Would you not want to make a Photobook of your child each year on his birthday and include all the good pictures of the year gone by ! Just imagine the joy you will derive 20 something years from now just looking back at those memories.

Custom Photo books are one of the best way of making the best memories come back. And the best part is, they will always be a bookshelf away with no fear of getting accidentally deleted.

As is famously said “A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever”.

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