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Corporate Presents: Why Personalization is the new trend in Business Gifting


Corporate gifts or Business gifts are nothing else but Promotional Expenses done directly for the persons who give you business. It is the most effective way of influencing someone to give you business or a thank you slip for business already given. Corporate gifts may also be called a socially accepted form of bribing.

During the course of an year, any reasonably placed person receives multiple gifts of same items like calendars, diaries , pens, pen mugs etc. As one cannot use multiple of these, they are invariably given away to oblige someone who does not matter to the business of the gift giver. Total waste of Promotional budget one may say.

On the other hand, if the corporate gifts are of Personalised nature, they will be invariably used by the recipient. No one re-gifts a Pen or Diary with his name on it. Total utilization of the gifting budget as no one forgets personal pampering. Personalised gifts have an uncanny quality of never getting lost. Try losing a pen with your name on it, for instance.

Corporate gift sets can be purchased online through very reputed websites that have made significant progress during the current pandemic where customers too are looking for solutions without physical contact.

From the comfort of your office or home, you can browse hundreds of Corporate gifting idea that are not only innovative but also Personalised. Sufficient and elegant branding opportunity is also available on these gifts. Modern technologies like Laser engraving, Sandblasting and Sublimation printing have opened new frontiers for Personalisation in corporate gifts online.

Corporate gifting does not always mean gifting outside the organization. What about your employees and team members who are your internal service providers and customers. Awards, Certificates for an Employee who did well is one of the best planned Corporate gift. After all : Actions that are appreciated, Get repeated !

One can choose corporate presents right from Rs 10 till Rs 18,000 and discounts are available for bulk purchases. Desktops, Pens, Clocks, Diaries, Awards, Certificates, Key chains ,T-Shirts, Name badges and more are available and all can be Personalized . Live support is available through Chat executives during your web session.

Truly, the buying experience has undergone a sea change in corporate gifts online. Also , Personalize in business gifts is here to stay for obvious reasons. As one popular brand in this field has its tagline “A bit of you in every gift!”.

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