The most useful and unique wedding gift ideas for the newlyweds

The Most Useful and Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for the Newlyweds!

A wedding is a day to take vows in the presence of the family, friends, and love ones that create the most beautiful moments of life. This is perhaps, one of the most important days in any person’s life for it marks the beginning of a new relationship with the promise of togetherness for a lifetime.

Being friends, relatives, or closed ones, we are always confused about the right present to surprise the newlyweds. We put hours in finding the best unique wedding gifts for such occasions that also suit our budget.  Since weddings are intimate functions, personalized gifts can do wonders. I suggest many of my friends to try out some amazing personalized gifts available online, like the ones mentioned below:

3D Photo Lamp

The internet is going crazy about the personalized lamps with photo carved on its surface with the advanced 3D printing technology. The personalized lamps are available in spherical and cylindrical shapes. The spherical lamp is also known as a moon lamp that has a texture of the craters on it that glows in 16 different colours when tapped and the cylindrical lamp comes with a lid and attached bulb that can beautify the couple’s room instantly. Both the lamps are personalized with a photo and a congratulatory message.

Photo  Book

It’s a perk when you know the couple for years! Why? Because you will have the access to use the couple’s best pictures from social media or your gallery and gift them a personalized photo book. Every page of the personalized photo book reveals a story of love and passion when quoted with special messages.  The book can be easily carried to places or kept on the shelf with rest of the books. Digital printing adds life to the photo book which won’t ever get faded away.

Printed Wooden Photo Frame –

When in doubt, choose only the photo frames online as you get the delivery at home along with the customized photos. The frames are available in different sizes and the material may vary from wood, glass, tile, stone to metals. You will get thousands of photo frames online that are shipped on the same day. So in case you are late and confused, photo frames are the ideal gifts for any wedding.

Custom Cushions

A heart to celebrate the union of two hearts. The customized printed cushions in heart shape are perfect for all the cozy moments of the newlyweds. You may gift a magic cushion that changes colours when rubbed or simply a velvet cushion personalized with the duo’s picture. The customized printed cushions are easily available in standard sizes and colours that never wash away.

3D Photo Crystal

The perfect couple needs nothing less than an elegant customized crystal gift. The crystal is engraved with the photo by laser technology and a cute message to bring a wow moment and happiness in the heart of the recipients.

Don’t miss these best unique wedding gifts to surprise the newlyweds for they will beautify the couple’s happy spaces with much love and memories.

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