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Why is a Live Video Gift Card Cool Gift Idea?

Presto Gifts Video Gift Card

Whether It’s a Birthday or an Anniversary if you are away from your loved ones?  Don’t get upset.  Presto is here to help you out through their unique gift ideas. Everyone loves to get a surprise gift. When it comes from loved ones it becomes more special. But knowing how to give your partner a surprise is an art. When you know your partner well and know what makes them happy the work becomes easier. But if you are confused about the surprise don’t hesitate to choose video gift cards.

For Whom This Video Gift Card is Meant for?

Video Card is the best surprise gift for those who are in long-distance relationships. Also, this gift card is best in this pandemic period when maintaining social distance becomes a social responsibility. But love does not obey any boundaries. Especially when it is Valentine’s Day let’s express your love. Make your loved one in high spirits by your virtual presence. Also, this video Greeting card will become your treasure for the rest of your life. Whenever and wherever you wish you could see these videos.

How to Order This Video Gift Card at Presto?

It is very easy to order this video card at Presto. All you have to do is first to mail a video of 100 MB to Presto’s mail ID,along with your favorite picture. Then download the Homingos app from the app store. Then Log in with your mobile number. Scan the card through the Homingo app and enjoy the surprise. As the Homingos video card is made up of paper customized with paper, it is easy to carry everywhere. You just have to scan the card to play the video. It can be played on any virtual platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Ending Lines

With times there came variation in gift ideas. It changes with the demand of people. Presto knows very well the requirement of their customer as well as the era. They create gifts according to the customer’s need and choice. The Homingos video card is such a gift that matches the requirements of the virtual world as well as the pandemic time. With Presto, celebrate this year Valentine’s Day in a unique and happy way. Let not distance come between you and your loved one. Enjoy your valentine’s day in your own way.

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