Flowers According to the Birthday Month

Insights and Ideas to Choose Flowers as Birthday Gifts for Any Month

Birthdays are special occasions and we must make sure to make our loved ones feel special on this day. There are countless gifts available today to impress our dear ones. However, nothing can beat the freshness of flowers. You must select the flowers wisely to match the birthday month of your loved one. Here is a guide to help you select the perfect flowers for any birthday month. Read and know the secrets of selecting Floral Sunshine Gift to match each month.

Carnations for January
If you have a best friend who was born in January, express your love and admiration towards her by gifting her carnations. These are flowers that bloom in winter. If you have a platonic attraction towards a friend born in January, select a Red Carnations Bouquet for her birthday. She is sure to be blown away instantly.

Violets for February
February has the fewest days but the ones born during this month are surely special. Violets symbolise faithfulness and modesty. Go for a bouquet of violets to impress your mate this season. If you do not find fresh violets in the season, you may choose Blue Orchids Bouquet to gift to her. Add a love-filled message to convey your true emotions to her.

Daffodils for March
Daffodils are the perfect flowers to gift to the enthusiastic March-born friends in your circles. If you do not find a bouquet of fresh yellow daffodils, go for Yellow Roses Bouquet instead. Roses are flowers known for their beauty and the colour yellow is a reflection of the enthusiasm of the recipients.

Daisies for April
April-born people are simple and innocent. Daisies are perfect flowers to represent the innocence of the April-born. It can be challenging sometimes to find the freshest blooms of the season on your friend’s birthday. A Yellow Gerberas Bouquet would be a fair replacement if the fresh daisies are unavailable.

Lilies for May
Lilies come in diverse colours and shades. The simplicity of this flower easily draws much attention. Pamper your loved one with a decorative bouquet of lilies on her birthday. Let her feel special and loved. Choose Birthday Gifts that reflect her grace and persona.

Roses for June
If you have a June-born friend, don’t hesitate to give them the king of flowers. Yes, the June born deserve nothing less than your favourite Red Roses Bouquet. They are vibrant, colourful secretive and exuberant just like their birth flower, the rose. Add a message with the bouquet to make the greeting for the birthday truly unique.

Water Lilies for July
Impress your friends belonging to Cancer and Leo Zodiac signs. Gift them a collection of white waterlilies. These sophisticated flowers are a perfect reflection of the sophisticated nature of July-born people.

Gladiolus for August
August is a month shared by Leo and Virgo star signs. Buy a beautiful Gladiolus Flower bouquet for the birthday of your August-born pal.

Aster for September
These colourful blooms will add colour to your friend’s face as you gift her the bouquet. Asters are unique and brilliant flowers that draw attention easily. Invest in these flowers to impress your September-born friend.

Marigold for October
Marigold is a flower used to decorate homes during festivals in traditional India. You can gift these bright flowers to your October-born relative or friend. These flowers are available in yellow and orange shades.

Chrysanthemum for November
Show your honest effect to your November-born friend with a bunch of chrysanthemums. You can also send gifts to India along with the bouquet to add colour to your friend’s birthday.

Narcissus for December
While Narcissus himself did not have much luck with love, a bouquet of Narcissus flowers may bring luck into your friend’s love life. Go ahead and gift her these flowers that represent hope.

Flowers have always been popular as gifts for special occasions. Knowing these birthday flowers, you can now make the birthday really special for your loved one.

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