Raksha Bandhan Gifts

Know about Top Raksha Bandhan Gift Items on Presto

Raksha Bandhan or “Rakhi” is India’s most auspicious and widely celebrated festival. The day resembles the bonding and promises between Brother and sister.

All the sister’s tied a Rakhi on the brother’s wrist that day. The brother also promises the sister to protect her from any situation. But the ceremony is not only limited to it. People celebrate the day by sharing gifts with sisters and brothers.

But we face problems when choosing the gifts for our beloved ones. The article will give you esteemed ideas and solve your problems for Raksha Bandhan Gifts.

Why Should You Need to Present on the Day?

Offering gifts to each other is a gesture. The gesture shares the brother and sister’s love, emotion, and affection. Nowadays, due to online preferences, you can send gifts online in India in a hassle-free manner. You just need to visit the authentic and famous virtual gift shop Presto which gives you the best gift and delivery service for the special day. Most interestingly, you can choose the Top 10 Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas that will cherish your brother or sister forever.

1. Personalized Chocolate Wrapper with Chocolate for Brother
It is the best customized gifts items for your brother. You can do unique customization of the gift. If you wish, you can print an image of your brother or both of you on the gift cover. The gift item also carries the unique message of the day.

2. 3D Laser Engraved Crystal

If you want to buy something different on the Raksha Bandhan, you can buy this gift item easily. The 3D Laser Engraved Crystal is Presto’s one of the elegant and aristocratic personalized gifts.

The size of the gift item is 60mm*60mm*60mm. Presto can offer you three different variants of the gift item.

3. Personalized Photo Book for Special Moments
As a Raksha Bandhan Gift, the Personalized Photo Book is another unique gift item. It is a large-size gift item. You can expect the size around 12.5*9 inches. The most essential matter is you can deliver this gift item to any Pincode in India.

4. Curved 3D Crystal
It is a 3D crystal photo gift from Presto. The gift item has a great dimension. Presto also offers a complimentary LED light base with the gift. If you order the gift item from Presto’s online shop, you can send the gift item within just one business day.

5. 2D Laser Engraved Crystal
The gift item has a suitable rectangular shape with 2D laser effects. The size dimension is 100 mm x 130 mm x 25 mm. Presto is also offering a guarantee on the product quality and promises to ship the product in just one business day.

6. Personalized Ludo game with Dice
Do you and your brother like to play ludo? Due to various mobile applications, the game also has an app version. But playing ludo with the board and Dice denotes something special. One can gift this beautiful item on Rakhi day to remember the old days.

7. Ganesh 3D Crystal
You can also welcome Lord Ganesh Ji on the Raksha Bandhan. It will be a divine personalized gift for your brother at the Rakhi celebration. Lord Ganesh Ji will light your house with the complementary Led base light from Presto.

8. Personalized Chocolate Wrapper with Chocolate for Sister
You can present the gift to your sister on a particular day. For the customized look, you can upload the image of your sister on Presto’s gift portal. The design team will share the design and make the gift item more beautiful.

9. Laser Cut Sublimatable key ring
You can present your lovely sister with a sublimatable key ring as a personalized gift item on Raksha Bandhan. You can also paste your sister’s image on the key ring and give her a brotherhood touch.

10. Customized QR Keychain – Scan to Reading
The QR-enabled keychain is another item you can present to your brother as a Rakhi gift. You can also send a wish message for the day. And the message will be decoded only by QR code by your brother.

Presto has one decade of experience providing customers with authentic elements and modern Raksha Bandhan Gifts. You can order the best gift item from Presto without any trouble. Presto will deliver the gift to your location in a hassle-free way.

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