Best 7 Ways to Express your Gratitude towards Your Father

Father, a daughters first love and a son’s first best friend. How do you thank the man who has slogged all his life to makes yours easier. Still, we will try to list 7 Best ways to express gratitude on Fathers Day.

Customised Moon light lamp : This is a great Father’s Day Gift Idea  and one of the best customized  gifts. Imagine having a 3D Customized Moon printed just for you with your favorite picture and message. All of 14 cm in diameter this Customised Moon light lamp has LED Light inbuilt and can be controlled with a remote. A soothing, high class and yet affordable gift.


Personalized Photobook : Another great Father’s Day Gift Idea  would be a personalized Photobook. Collect 200 of your fathers pictures and send to us. We would make them into a 40 page hardbound personalized Photobook which would collate all those great memories in one place. A treasure for a lifetime.


Personalized Photo Crystal Gifts : Presto’s Personalized Photo Crystal Gifts are high quality transparent crystals and we have the capability of engraving any picture and  text inside the Crystal that too in 3D. Its like trapping the person inside the crystal live. Take a great picture of your Father , add a nice text to it and we would make gift that he would not forget.


Custom T-Shirt printing : If you are looking for a slightly casual customized gift and fun gift, Custom T-Shirt printing by Presto can be a great fit. Have a nice message like : “Super Dad” or you may search google for some great T shirt design ideas. Just send us the image of the design and we will make one just like that.


Customized Photo clocks : How about Customizing his time with a favorite picture and quote that he would look up with joy every time he sees what the time is. Customized Photo clocks is a group of products that basically are time pieces with a dial that can be custom printed or engraved with your pictures and text. These products are high on utility and aesthetic value as they keep the right time and sweet memories together in one place.


Customized Plaques :  Customized Plaques are flat products made of wood , hardboard, ceramic or any other material that are laser engraved or sublimation printed with your matter. They are suitable for customized gifting on any occasion including being a great Father’s Day Gift Idea. Customized Plaques are ideal when the written matter is more and the message or information is more important than the utility aspect of the product.


Customized Photo Frames : This is one of the widest form of Father’s Day Gift Idea wherein a number of products come in. Essentially if the picture and the message is the central purpose of your Father’s Day Gift  Idea , then Personalized Photo Frames  will suit you best. Smaller products are placed on a table and larger pieces to be hung on the wall. Mode of  a variety of material , size and genre. They double up as an excellent home decoration product.

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