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Affordable Birthday Gift Ideas That are sure to Impress


We all like Birthdays, especially when it is our own. Wishing Happy Birthday and giving Birthday Gifts are our way to say that we thank God that the person took birth and touched our lives. We all have experienced multiple birthdays but still feel special on that day and absolutely love it when someone wishes us and we do expect the special ones to give birthday gifts , don’t we.

When it comes to deciding on what to give as a Birthday Gift, well most people find it difficult to decide. It could be an off the shelf product in some shop that you may just pick up and gift. But would the recipient really feel special and is that gift not likely to be kept away and re gifted to someone else. Off the shelf products generally end up being recycled and sure enough you don’t want that to happen with your Birthday Gifts.

Personalised Gifts can be great Birthday Gifts too. They allow you to Print or engrave the picture you want and the text you want on the product. That way, its sure not to be re gifted and the person would use it. Most of the Personalised Gifts for Birthday are like show items that the recipient displays on his/her table with pride for many years to come.

When it comes to available choices of Personalised Gifts for Birthday here are our top picks :

3d Photo Crystal : These are high quality transparent crystals that come in various shapes and sizes. Using a special laser technology, the image of the person can be engraved inside the crystal in 3D. Its like capturing the person in the crystal. You can also include some sweet text to go with it. Depending on the size you choose, the 3d Photo Crystal can cost anything Between Rs 500 to Rs 15000. They come with a led light base and sure enough, if you want to sweep someone on his/her birthday, this is the product you want to order.

3d Photo Crystal

Photo Frames Online : Within Personalised Gifts, there is a huge range that qualifies as Personalized Photo frames and can be bought online. This line of product can have a very large variety and depending on the size you are ordering it can be as small as 4”x4” or as large as 36”x24”. Obviously the smaller pieces are meant for the table, cost less and the larger pieces are meant for the wall and cost more. Larger size would hold more photographs and text. Its easy to buy Photo frames online as there are many leading websites giving excellent service.

photo frames online

Customized printed cushions : When you are looking for a soft and cuddly type of birthday gift, Customized printed cushions are your best bet. They are especially the best friend of girls. Have her snuggle up with a bit of you ! Customized printed cushions come in various shapes, designs,colors and sizes. There is one that would suit your budget. Have the picture and text of your choice sublimation printed. The print is as permanent as your love for the person.

Customized printed cushions

Besides these, there are many other offerings in Personalised Gifts that make for some of the most wonderful Birthday Gifts.

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