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Personalized Bobblehead Doll: A Gift You Will Never Forget

Bobblehead, or bobblehead dolls, has great popularity. If you want to buy unique things, the bobblehead is trending like a hot cake. Even in recent times, demand for bobblehead gifts in India is increasing.

Bobblehead gifts

People like to buy and present this artistic and thoughtful gift to their close friends. More interestingly, a bobblehead doll is also useful as a corporate gift. Ready to know glimpses and customs of this artistic item?

What Do You Know About Bobblehead?

There is indeed no perfect definition of the product. Few experts try to give a proper answer to what it is. If we take their reference, a bobblehead is a bobblehead doll that repeatedly moves when someone touches its head. Due to its bobbing head, it is famous as a bobblehead.

bobblehead doll

Preliminary Thoughts

It is not a new or recent idea. If you check the historical documents, its roots were found in ancient China and Japan. In this type, both Japanese and Chinese designers made “String dolls.”

In the later part of the 20th century, the consent of Bobblehead took its place in the market. In the United States of America, baseball teams used to give these items to their players as a token of love.

In the late 1980s, various West German toy companies (now Germany) manufactured the modern-type bobblehead as a gift item. At this time, it became very famous as a gift item in the USA, and a German-made doll, which was a bobblehead customized, became famous among American youths.

Bobblehead Custom India: Past, Present, and Future

We found the root of modern bobbleheads customized in India many years ago. The Tamil literature mentioned “Thanjavur Thalayatti Bommai,” which is famous as “Thanjavur Dolls.”

These dolls are precursors of modern bobbleheads. But there is a short difference between modern dolls and Thanjavur dolls. The latter one was made with wood or clay. The designers used bright colors and fancy clothes. These dolls were used for festival purposes, such as in Dasara and Navaratri festivals.

In the last decade, the bobblehead custom in India has increased day by day. As per the recent economic statistics, the Indian bobblehead toy market will touch 1715 million USD in 2024. Many Indian toy manufacturing companies are now also providing bobblehead gifts to India.

Even among Indians, bobblehead items are gaining popularity day by day. People like to buy and present this gift item on various occasions, such as an anniversary, birthday, or housewarming celebration to family members, and special ones.

The Reasons for Popularity?

In recent times, bobbleheads have become a very popular gift item among people. There are a few reasons behind its popularity in India.

  •  It is a very unique item. The overall look of the item can surprise anyone.
  • Bobblehead is not just a doll. People often mention it as a doll. But bobbleheads are different from general dolls. A bobblehead has a big head that can bobble when you touch the head.
  • You can use the bobblehead anywhere. In the present day, people use it in personal vehicles and drawing rooms for decoration purposes.
  • It is a universal item. That means you can present a bobblehead to anyone. From family members to lovers.

Where to find it?

It is an obvious question as to where to find this doll. In the present day, many organizations offer bobblehead items. But you need to choose the store wisely. Log in to India’s one of the most famous and trusted online gift stores and get an idea about the best bobblehead items. Check the prospect now and collect for your dearest one.

Surprise your husband on his birthday.

Buy a bobblehead birthday gift for your husband. Present him with an 8-inch casual outfit bobblehead miniature. It is a hand-printed and sculpted doll. It comes with a metal tag where you can put your husband’s name. It is the best birthday gift for your husband.

Birthday Gift for your husband

Treat your boyfriend as Spider-Man.

Your boyfriend can’t jump like a Spider-Man. But you can imagine him as a superhero. The bobblehead Spiderman has a great catchy appeal. It is a 3D miniature that has a Spider-Man costume. The size of the bobblehead is seven inches, and it is a personalized item.

Bobblehead Spiderman Doll

Anniversary Gift for Couple

Order a customized miniature bobblehead for a couple’s anniversary. Nowadays, people like to receive unique items. That is the reason you can buy this raisin-made, designable item as an anniversary gift for a couple and present it to them on their life-changing day.

anniversary Gift For Couple

Bobblehead the office

Personalized Bobblehead Doll for Business man

Buy a bobblehead as a corporate gift. You can present your boss with a personalized bobblehead 3D miniature for businessmen. Besides this, you can also choose a personalized framed bobblehead miniature. 

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