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Unique and Personalized Gift Ideas in India: Moon Lamps and Picture Collages

If you are a gift lover, you know that gifts have two types. One is a generic gift, and another, which is recently famous, is a personalized gift. 

The recent market survey proves that personalized gifts are currently in demand. Maximum gift lovers want to buy and present personalized gifts. Even consumers like to order personalized gifts in India as well. 

But what is the reason? Why do people like personalized gifts? There are some unique reasons. You need to know before you order a generic item. 

Why is personalized gifting in India famous?

The reasons are simple but wide. Here are the basic points

It Gives Personal Touch:

If you check people’s psychology, they like to have something that represents them. For example, if you present someone with something engraved with his or her name, it gives them a personal touch. For this reason, people like to receive personalized gifts. 

Personal Touch

It is Universal in Nature:

Yes, you can present personalized gifts to anybody at any anytime. Gift personalized items to your family members, friends, or office colleagues on their birthday, anniversary, or housewarming party. It carries some universal nature.

It Stronger the Personal Bonding:

Positively, it makes the bond more practical and more authentic. In other words, it strengthens the personal relationship. A gift is a gesture of appreciation. When one person presents something personal, it makes the relationship more trustworthy. That is the reason people like to buy personalized gifts in India

Choose something extraordinary: 

The question is, what to choose? There are plenty of options for personalized items. But what suits your receiver? If you want to present your family or darling, it is better to choose memorable, artistic gift items. In the following discussion, you will get an idea about personalized gifts in India. 

Picture Collage- 

It is one of the best personalized gifts. It is universal and can be easily presented to anybody. Search on the website and get some fabulous picture collage items. 

anniversary gift

Personalized Love Collage with Frame:

Spread your love and affection with the “personalized love collage with frame” item. It is an MDF-made item without glass. The collage is tamper-proof and has high-definition printing quality. The frame will carry 8 to 15 lovely pictures. Believe us, the pictures will look more vivid and catchy with the artistic touch of our professional designers. One can use this gift for home decoration. The size of the frame is 12 by 12 inches. Don’t worry about the thickness. The thickness of the frame is 20 by 14 mm.

Personalized Couple Photo Frame for Bedroom Wall:

Present this item to the new couple. Due to its clip attachment in the back, one can hang the frame on the wall. As per the size of the frame, one can attach four images, and with the help of professional designers, the pictures look so accurate. Order today for your new couple of friends. 

Moon Lamp-

It is a symbol of love. Present this unique gift item to your wife or partner. They will love this personalized gift. 

Personalized 3D Moon Lamp in 3 Colors for Love:

It is called an item of love. With your touch, it will change the color to suit your mood. Made with high-quality PLA. The diameter of the moon lamp is 14 cm. If you keep it in your drawing room, it gives you a feeling of the real moon topography. 

3d moon lamp

Personalized 3D Rotating Moon Lamp in 16 Colors: 

Create magic by presenting this gift item to your wife. Yes, the item is magical. It has 16 color-changing facilities. Technically, the item is very advanced. It has a micro USB charging cable, a rotating base, a mini touch switch, and a remote controller. The battery provides an eight-hour lighting facility. 

These are the best-personalized gifts in India. Now check out the other features and order!

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are your products eco-friendly?

Yes, our maximum products are made with eco-friendly products. For more information, check out the description on our website. 

Do you offer a warranty on these products?

The warranty is conditional. Please contact our customer care unit to learn more. 

For the personalized collage, should I provide you with the pictures?

Yes. You need to provide us with pictures (good quality) and text as well. 

Do I know your payment policy?

The details can be found on our website. We accept online payments and offer COD as well. 

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