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Buy different types of personalised caricature statues online as a birthday gift

Personalized gifts are now extended to different sectors of creating unique and funny gifts that can impress the recipient. Whether it’s your loved one’s birthday, your friend’s anniversary, or you are celebrating “Family Day” with your family members, a personalized gift or photo gift always creates special attention that no one can ignore.

If you want to buy a unique and funny customized gift, a caricature gift can finish your quest. It’s a perfect gifting choice for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties, farewell parties, or any other family day.

Let’s check out the different types of personalized caricature gifts you can buy online.

Single caricature: Premium quality black cardboard is used to print the caricature photograph on it. you need to provide a front-faced photograph of the recipient to the personalizing artist. Glossy, vibrant, and eco-friendly ink is used to print the caricature photograph. A circular base is attached to the caricature to keep it steady. You can buy a single personalised caricature online to gift your mom or dad or any other family member on his/her birthday. The best part of such personalizing gifts is you can choose the outfit of the caricature like a sportsman or a supermodel or a marvel superhero etc. These gifts are affordable enough – mostly available within a range of Rs 600-700.

Couple caricature: If you are looking for a special gift to surprise your best friend at her 5th-anniversary party, a cute couple caricature could make a perfect gift. You can personalize everything in the product – the outfits, poses, props, etc. All you need to provide front-faced photographs of the couple to make the caricature perfectly personalized. As eco-friendly and vibrant colours are used to print the high-quality black cardboard, it will remain the same for several years. The colours are fade-resistant and dust-proof. Your friend can use it as a home décor item for her living room shelf.

Family caricature: A family caricature is a perfect gift to celebrate “Family Day” with lovely family members. Whether it’s your sweet nuclear family or a big one, a cute family caricature can represent its vives the best. Place it on the living room shelf as a nice home décor item. The guests will appreciate your taste in home decoration ideas.

Caricature frame: Looking for a unique piece to decorate your walls? A personalized caricature frame online is unique, creative and fun to look at. You can personalize it with a romantic picture or with the faces of your loved ones. You will feel happy every time you look at the frame. You can personalize the frame with your preferred material such as wood, metal, or eco-friendly fiber. It also can make a perfect gift to send your loved ones online from abroad. They will get a broad smile on their faces when looking at it.

Nowadays, you will get hundreds of online gift stores to buy such unique personalized gifts for your friends and family members. Trust us, they will love it and preserve it as a lifetime memento.

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