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8 Unique Diwali Gift Ideas for a Fabulous Celebration


Diwali is a very special festival for us. The day of arrival, of Lord Rama to his kingdom Ayodhya after fourteen years, is still celebrated by lights, crackers, and colors. We lighted up our whole house to welcome the Lord. We provide offerings to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi for our wealth and prosperity on this day. Thus Diwali is a festival of celebrations. And celebrations are nothing without gifts. There are so many things that one can gift on this occasion that one may get confused. Here are some ideas of customized gifts that will surely help you to get rid of this trouble.

3d Laxmi Ganesh Crystal Set-

Traditional religious idols can make a good impression on this occasion.Gifting Laxmi- Ganesh set on this day is considered to be one of the pious rituals among Indians. This will show your love and care for your closed ones.

Customized Chocolate Box-


  Nobody hates chocolate. It is an all-time preferable gift for all. You can make it more special by using personalized photo gifts along with the chocolate box. This will make your gift memorable to your loved ones.

Personalized 3d Moon Lamp-

moon lamp online

To symbolize the festival of lights a personalized 3d moon lamp will make a great move. You can search for a moon lamp online and get a variety of it within a second.

3 Lucky Bamboo Stalks-

 This plant is a symbol of strength according to Chinese myths due to its resilience and fast growth. The practice of gifting lucky bamboo is getting popular in India day by day. The number of stalks given defines the kind of blessings you bestowed. Three types of luck: happiness, wealth and long life are brought by the three stalks of lucky bamboo. So, if you want to show your care in an eco-friendly way, then go for it.

Personalized Photo Wall Clocks-

Gifting wall clocks to your friends and relatives with personalized pictures will be a great option for Diwali.  You can also order photo wall clocks online in India from various websites. Thus you will be remembered whenever they look up to the time.

Personalized Photo Frames-

Photo Wall Clocks

If you want to gift your special one on this Diwali with something precious yet not confidential then you can go for a personalized single 3d photo crystal frame or photo collages. You can handpick some of his/her best photos and frame them together. He/she will be overwhelmed by your efforts.

Photo Puzzle-  

gifts online

 You can gift the little members of your family some customized photo puzzles. The colorful pictures will enhance their interest to solve it.

Customized Wooden Ball Pen & Keyring Set-

 Apart from gifting your closed ones if you want to gift to your professional friends or colleagues then you can surely go for customized gifts such as a wooden ball pen & keyring set.

Make your Diwali happier and brighter with these amazing gifts.  You just need to visit the Presto Gifts to get all of them under one roof. You will get a wide range of customized gifts on their showrooms. They will satisfy all your needs and create cherishable gifts for you.

  1. Rammy 2 years ago

    Your Diwali gift ideas are fantastic. I like your unique way of fabulous celebration for Diwali.
    Keep posting such good blog.

    If you put good ideas about corporate gifting, it would be great.

    Thank you.

  2. Diwali Gift Ideas 2 years ago

    I just wanted to say that your blog is awesome. It’s really helped me to choose best diwali gift ideas

  3. Aruna Mallick 2 years ago

    This is a really exciting content because of our special celebration for Diwali!!. I like your Fabulous gifts idea, thank you so much

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