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Strengthen Your Friendship with These Out-Of-The-Box Friendship Day Gifts

best gift for friendship day

People come into our lives more by chance and normally we don’t choose them. Our parents, relatives, neighbours, colleagues – all came on their own and we normally don’t have much say in choosing them However, friends are people will invite into our lives by design. That is why its said “Friends are relatives you choose.

Friendship day is an opportunity to celebrate this wonderful relationship and that the other person for making your life so livable. The best gifts for friends are those which say something about the wonderful time spent together. Hence, there can be no better fit than a personalized gift for friendship day.

Collect all the nice pictures of you and your friends together. Look for some nice quotes that go on Friendship. Now you just need to choose the product and let me tell you there are enough personalised gifts in India that can be great gifts for friends. Here are some of them :

Custom Photo Book : Custom Photo book are essentially digitally printed photo books that contain your pictures, quotes etc . Designed in most beautiful way, these 42 pages are a great memory throw back . Put them away in your book shelf and take them out whenever you feel like and relive the memories. All you need is around 150 to 200 photos and the designers will do the rest.

moon lamp online

Personalised Moon Lamp : Imagine a Moon Lamp having led light inside and the real texture of moon all around it. The led light is a 16 color remote controlled module. Choose the picture that you want to be 3D Printed on one side and the text on the other. This is a new personalised gift and sure to surprise your friend this friendship day.

Photo stone : Another great gift for friends could be a Photo stone. This is real stone that can be printed with your chosen picture and text. As they say anything written on stone is permanent, similarly this personalised gift is a great gift for friends and is easy on the pocket too.


Personalised 3D Crystal : If you are looking for a slightly classy gift for friends, then the Persoanlised 3D Crystal would suit you best. These are high class transparent crystals that are laser engraved with any picture of your choice. When placed on a led light base, that comes with the crytsal, the image and text really glows. Sure enough this is a great gift for friends and the most classy personalised gift.

Customized printed cushions

Personalised Cushions :  Soft, cuddly and nice to take to bed. These are nice traits for gift for friends and the Personalised Cushion comes in a variety of designs, size and style. There are Magic cushions, Heart shape cushions, Square, Rectangle and so on. These personalised gifts allow you to have your chosen picture or text and can be a great gift for your friend.

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