4 Fun and Exciting Ways to Celebrate Diwali At Office

Diwali is the conquest of good over evil. Diwali being the worship of Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth – It is the biggest festival in India and also has lot of business ramifications. The Diwali Puja is done in each office and the entire team participates in it with lot of enthusiasm and joy. Here are 5 Fun and Exciting ways to Celebrate Diwali at office :

Dress your best : Make sure your dress in traditional Indian attire and make yourself look nice. This is the day when you thank the Goddess of wealth for being present at your workplace as without her blessings, there would be no meaning to the work.

Clean the place of work : In the run up to Diwali, all offices keep one day dedicated to clearing off the junk and making the place look neat and clean. It is said that the Goddess is very fond of cleanliness and this is also a great opportunity for clearing the unwanted paper and things we accumulate over the entire year. You will be amazed at how much space you create in the office by doing this.

Place of worship : The place of worship should be chosen as per direction prescribed in Hindu beliefs and special sanitization should be done. Mats should be laid out on the floor so that people can sit on them while attending the Pujan.

Plan Gifts for business associates : Diwali is also a time for corporate gifts and thanking your business associates. After all, your financial well being is owed to them. The ideal corporate Diwali gifts would be something that the recipient would use and not re-gift to someone else. Personalized photo gifts can be a great corporate gift for Diwali as you are sure that the person will use it and feel super special that you took so much effort ordering them.

There are a number of options in Diwali Gifts that can be ordered online. If your order is in bulk, you can negotiate some special deals also. One of the most fashionable corporate Diwali gifts presently is the personalized moon lamp as it is an excellent product and easy on the pocket. The Personalized Moon Lamp is a 3D printed lamp that has led light inside it, has the real moon texture on it and carries the photo and text of your choice.

Besides Personalized Moon Lamp, there are a number of other personalized photo gifts that can be ordered as Diwali Gifts Online. All you need to do is start the process at least a week in advance so that you would have enough time to collect photographs from clients and place order online.

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