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9 Best Indoor Plants for Anxiety and Stress Relieve

The homo sapiens are believed to be the most sensible creature of god with the responsibility to care of the world in which we live. To no surprise, the effects of climate change demonstrate on how miserably we have failed in protecting our nature. Now we pay to breathe oxygen! The scenario in the entire world is getting worse with each passing day and the right time to take a step is now before it’s too late.

A small but most prominent step is to grow plants- indoor or outdoor. With our busy schedules, it is convenient and easy to nurture indoor plants. The indoor plants keep oxygen flowing while improve the air quality, absorb noise and mostly importantly reduce stress which benefits in several ways as mentioned below:

  1. A lower stress level makes people happy, calm and feel the positive vibes.
  2. It also improve the concentration, productivity and creativity in any workplace or at home.
  3. It creates a happy ambience that ease tension, improves sleep quality and reduces minor ailments.

I hope you have made your mind to try out your hands in nurturing the houseplants at home, schools, hospitals or office. Let me guide you in buying some of the best indoor plants with various properties-

1. Lucky Bamboo Stalks – In terms of Feng Shui, the lucky bamboo stalks are considered to be auspicious as it brings abundance and prosperity. This is also one of the very famous gift plants because of its properties and can be a perfect gift for any occasion. The stalks require very little maintenance and can survive in air-conditioned room.

2. Spathiphyllum- Also commonly known as Peace Lily is an excellent bedroom plant that improves sleep, purifies air as it absorbs benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and carbon monoxide effectively. The enchanting low-maintenance plant with white flowers reduces the mold spores from the surrounding air by absorbing them and relieves from discomfort. This can be a really beautiful gift online.

3. Areca Palm- Being one of the most beneficial gift plants, the areca palm is sure to amaze you with its properties. It removes air pollutants like acetone, xylene, and toluene from indoor air and helps in minimizing the upper respiratory tract diseases. Moreover, the areca palm has been found extremely helpful in strengthening the central nervous system.

4. Ficus Bonsai- The ficus bonsai is a houseplant that improves the well-being as it relieves stress, brings calmness and develops inner peace. The leaves are also used as herbal medicine curing certain diseases. Moreover, the ficus plant purifies air along with being a nice showy houseplant.

5. Haworthia- Being a succulent, it requires low- maintenance and can survive well in indoor environment. The eye-catchy haworthia can brighten the home, purify the indoor air and at the same time improve humidity of the home along with adding some fresh oxygen. The succulent reduces stress, improves focus, enhances concentration and memory power.

6. Sansevieria- Also commonly known as the Snake Plant is an excellent indoor plant that absorbs excessive amounts of carbon monoxide and filters toxins such as benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from the air. The plant reduces discomfort, stress while enriching the well-being by fostering positive vibes that result in increase in productivity.

7. Pink Ixora- It is a beautiful flowering plant with a bunch of pink flowers that can be used as a unique gift plant as well as houseplant. The ixora is a nice decorative plant that adds colour to the spaces and relieves anxiety. It requires less time and minimum effort to maintain the plant.

8. Jade Plant- As per the Feng Shui, the succulent plant is a good luck plant that attracts money. If you are looking for gifts online, then the Jade plant is a must for your loved ones. It brings harmony and peace to home. Besides being an ornamental houseplant, the jade plant also purifies the air by absorbing maximum carbon dioxide in the night. It also has medicinal properties to treat minor ailments.

9. Devil’s Ivy- This plant is very commonly known as the money plant that is believed to bring a constant inflow of money to the home. The plant dispels negativity, mends broken relationship and brings love and happiness in the family. Moreover, it increases the oxygen inflow and acts as an excellent stress and anxiety reliever.

All the indoor plants are easy to nurture and come with great benefits. Being responsible citizens, let’s join together in growing a greener earth for our next generation. Let us work in making the world a better place to live in with less pollution and more of plants around us.

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