How to Order Rubber Stamps from Comfort of Home or Office?

Rubber stamps are required by all kinds of workplaces. Be it an office, bank, factory, hospital, educational institution or a government department each one needs Rubber stamps. The main applications of rubber stamps can be categorized as below :

# Authentication of Documents

# Saving on repetitive writing

# Endorsement of documents

# Quality control in factories

# UV or Invisible ink applications in Banks and financial institutions

# Marking on products

# Marking of Batch number, Manufacturing Date and MRP on products.

Depending on the application and the surface to be marked, various kinds of Rubber stamps are available as below :

Preinked Stamps : Pre inked stamps are rubber stamps which have a special porous printing surface which remains inked for thousands of impressions. Essentially you don’t need a separate Stamp pad and can still make thousands of print like impressions over a period of years. Pre inked stamps are most suitable as Company Name & Address stamps, Round Seals, Designation stamps, Routing stamps etc. They are mainly suitable for use on paper and other absorbent surfaces. These days, there are Pre inked stamps for non-absorbent surfaces also: plastic, glass, foil, rubber etc. These applications are more on the industrial side where a product is to be marked with some information or regulatory compliance. Pre-inked stamps come in various sizes including Pocket cases which are suitable for people on the go as they are easy to carry.

Self inking stamps : These are stamps where the printing surface or the stereo does not have ink of its own but the stamp itself comes with a in build stamp pad. When at rest, the stereo and the pad are in touch with each other. As soon as you press the Self inking stamp, the stereo gets released and makes an impression. So you don’t need a separate stamp pad in this case also. Self inking stamps can be used for all the applications that a Pre inked stamp can be used, additionally they can mark on a wider variety of surfaces. Also they are more conducive for harsher usage environments . Self inking stamps too come in a variety of sizes . Dater stamps are one particular stamp that is possible in Self inking stamps only. World over, Self inking stamps are the preferred type of Rubber stamps.

Dater stamps: If you have to make an impression wherein the Date should be there, you would want to go for Dater stamps as they have a changeable date feature. Dater stamps come with bands and wheels whereby the user can easily change the dates. Dater stamps are widely used in Banks for endorsing Pay in slips. They are also used at airport security checks to endorse the Boarding passes.

Printing Kits : There are always instances when you need to make an impression urgently but there is no Rubber stamp vendor nearby. In such scenarios , the Printing kits become a big savior. Also when you have to mark Batch number, Manufacturing date and MRP on products, Printing kits are very helpful as you can easily change the information by simply changing the letters provided in the Printing kit.

Besides above , there are other specialty products like UV ink-used in banks for marking currency notes , Fingerprint stamp pad-for stain free thumb impressions.

Its easy to order all the above custom rubber stamps as there are many websites that allow you to place orders for custom stamps. You can include your logo, photograph etc also in the rubber stamp. Once the order is placed, the website sends you the matter for your approval by email. Once approved, the rubber stamp is shipped same day by express courier meaning that you can get your rubber stamp in a matter of 2 or 3 days.

Gone are the days when business had to physically look for rubber stamp sellers. Now any business can easily order rubber stamps online with just a few clicks. Also ordering stamps online has the advantage that you get GST Invoice from a reputed vendor and show the same as a legitimate business expense.

To make a good impressions, now all you have to do is order stamps online.

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